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New Features – IIACAD 2022

New Features – IIACAD 2022

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Printing and Sheet Sets

Large projects, by their nature, entail printing large numbers of drawings and sheets. Whether the destination is paper or PDF, printing multiple versions can quickly become a confusing hassle. The Sheet Set Manager helps you configure a set of drawings to be printed for your project with different sheets. You can reorganize these sheets in subsets, to print them in proper order although they are coming from different files. Your project is always ready to print, even if multiple users are working in parallel on multiple files. Graebert has also redesigned the print experience to boost productivity and provide a seamless transition for those new to IIACAD. With familiar interfaces, AutoCAD users and IIACAD users will find it simple to collaborate on projects created in either product.

Redesigned Print Experience

User interface improvements enhance productivity and offer a more intuitive experience for users migrating from other CAD software, such as AutoCAD. The built-in PDF printer now includes a new dialog for PDF options. Users can control the quality of vector and raster images, add layers, and add hyperlinks or embed TrueType fonts in the PDF files they create.

Use and Share DST Files

Support for the DST format enables users to share sheet set configurations with other IIACAD users or with other CAD applications, including AutoCAD and similar software.

Sheet Set Manager

Publish Sheet Sets

Choose either PDF or paper for your output, then print the entire project (or just a subset) in a single operation. The publishing process will run in the background and won’t interfere with your work.

Create Templates with Sheet Sets

The DWT format is used in IIACAD or other CAD software to configure ready-to-use templates pre-configured with layers, styles, blocks, layouts, and more.

New Options for Spline Entities

Splines can now be defined with either fit points or control vertices. The new SPLINEDIT modifies the parameters and properties of splines or converts spline-fit polylines to splines.


Do you need to explode a nested entity before you can copy its elements? Not anymore! The new NCOPY command duplicates drawing entities that are nested within blocks & Xrefs and places copies in a location you specify.

BIM Drawings Automation: Material Mapper

Automate the documentation of your BIM projects by pre-configurating the style of drawing entities generated from the BIM project. Assign a specific colour, hatch, or graphic style to a material just once and all drawings will receive the correct graphics styles automatically. For example, define that a certain type of walls would always be shown with a specific hatch.

BIM Drawings Automation: Labels

Automate the creation and update of labels for doors, windows, stairs, or virtually any entity created from the related BIM project. Your labels will display the BIM data properties and graphics you choose and will automatically update whenever the BIM model is refreshed.

BIM Drawings Automation: Dimension Chains

Create smart aligned dimensions for a wall or any selection of BIM objects in your BIM drawings. These dimensions will automatically update. Save time and speed drawing production by dimensioning selected entities automatically rather than manually.

BIM Features for Mac Too!!!

All the BIM features of IIACAD are now also available for Mac users. Version 2022 makes features that were previously Windows-only available on all platforms.

Create/Modify Sheet Sets

Group sheets with layouts from different drawings and use templates to create new sheets. The whole project is neatly organized in one place (even if users are working on different drawings), and ready to print at any time.

Manage Fields & Properties

Customize callouts, view labels, and title blocks using shapes and fields/properties.