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Why IIACAD is better than AutoCAD®
or other CAD alternatives

IIACAD offers a very flexible approach and a cost significantly lower than AutoCAD®

Maximum compatibility with AutoCAD® files and easy transition

Before getting into the pros and cons, the fundamental points to feel safe about the migration from AutoCAD® to IIACAD are:


IIACAD is offering the highest compatibility with AutoCAD®

Indeed, both CAD software are simply using the same DWG file format. There is no conversion and therefore no loss of data when files are shared between IIACAD and AutoCAD® users. Other file formats supported by both software include DXF, DWS and configuration files such as .ctb, .stb, .shx, .mln, .dim or .pcx (aka .pc3 in AutoCAD®). Both software are also able to import or attach DGN files, export to PDF and convert PDF back to DWG.


IIACAD is a switch made easy, providing a familiar look & feel

Users who are familiar with AutoCAD® can instantly switch to IIACAD without additional training. Users transitioning from AutoCAD® can even use the same keyboard shortcuts and commands given that aliases have been defined to match the IIACAD commands when they are different. The user interface is also significantly the same and we have added an alternative ribbon workspace named “CAD General” to facilitate the switch for users coming from AutoCAD®.


Available as Perpetual, Standalone & Network licenses

Understanding an Architect’s need to have and affordable and perpetual licenses.

License types

Standalone license is a perpetual license for one (1) unique same End User. Flex license (also known as “Network license”) is a perpetual floating license shared among an unlimited number of concurrent Users connected to a same License server on the same Local Network. A minimum of 3 floating licenses is required on the same network.

Upgrades and subscription renewals

Each Perpetual license includes 1 year of subscription (maintenance) for free. In case you don’t want to renew the subscription every year you can always buy an upgrade later, but the cost applicable for the renewal and upgrade are different. Refer FAQ C5 & C6 for more details on renewal dates.

Work from multiple computers

End-User-Licensee may install, execute and access the IIACAD on ANY single computer BUT will never use this license on more than 1 (one) computer. IIACAD Software can be installed on multiple computers, but it can only be logged into their IIACAD Account on one computer at a time. IIACAD cannot be used simultaneously on both Desktop & Laptop.


IIACAD offers Modern DWG Editing with significantly better collaboration

In addition to the features traditionally replacing the AutoCAD® features, the IIACAD developers have massively invested in R&D to significantly improve productivity and collaboration.

Additional productivity features that don’t exist in AutoCAD®

Click the video to experience the features – Power Trim, Dimensions palette, Voice Note, Dynamic Print Preview, Mouse gestures & Heads up toolbar.

Other advanced features that don’t exist in AutoCAD®

BIM features: IIACAD ambitions to be the best solution to document BIM projects with best-in-class DWG drawings. BIM Navigator: to import and filter IFC and RVT files – Read BIM Object properties – Extract BIM data to tables or Excel.