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Frequently Asked Questions

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A. Trial Installation & Activation

Ans: IIA Affiliates will be offered a fully functional free trial of the IIACAD Software for a period not to exceed fifteen days. Each End User desiring to activate a free trial shall install the IIACAD Software and create for free a Graebert Account from inside the IIACAD Software or from the Graebert Customer Portal. The creation of such Graebert Account is a prerequisite to benefit from a free trial. No free trial will be possible without it.

Ans: Yes. Internet is compulsory for activating the trial version.

Ans: Yes. It is mandatory for activating the trial version.

Ans: After installation of IIACAD, without activating the software using an Email account, the user will get a 2 days trial. Upon activating the trial using an Email Account, the user will get a full-fledged functionality of IIACAD software without any limitation for 15 days.

Ans: Each End User shall not be entitled to use more than one (1) free trial of 15 days for each consecutive period of twelve months. IIACAD requires unique Permission Keys for operation past a trial period not to exceed 15 days.


B. Order & Purchase Queries

Ans: IIA CAD can be bought only by an active IIA member, with his / her membership paid fully. You can request for the approval to our email id orders@iiacad.com, and on receipt of the request from an IIA Member, IIA team shall promptly verify the credentials of the applicant, regarding membership ID, dues if any, etc. On clearance of such verification and approval from IIA , the member shall be receiving the communication regarding the acceptance of request and then need to follow the following process.

Ans: IIA Member who has already three (3) or more Seats of network license may purchase additional Seats individually on the condition that such additional Seats will be used on the same License Server and therefore on the same Computer network.

Ans: No, with same Email id, it is not possible to activate Permission keys. We require different Email ID for each User. The Graebert Account will further be used to identify the user on each of his devices and check for his rights for a specific product with the Graebert license server. Each user should have its individual account and it is strictly forbidden to share the same login among different users.

No, Graebert India Software Pvt Ltd Provided Declaration Document for Non-Deduction of TDS to IIA. You can get the same from IIA Officials.

Ans: IIA members who opted to pay through cheque facility, can drop the same at any ICICI
bank dropbox. It is also requested to mention the account number on the backside of the cheque leaf. IIA members can share the cheque details along with the Order to orders@iiacad.com. Order will be processed only after realization of the cheque. Account details are available on the “HOW TO BUY” page – https://iiacad.com/how-to-buy-iiacad/.

Ans.: There is no Special Offer when you choose 3 Year Subscription Renewal. The Subscription Renewal and Upgrade shall be priced at 25% and 50% respectively of the then applicable License Fee. But, IIA Member will get benefit if they choose for 3 years as ongoing price for Renewal Would be 5000 + GST for first 30 Months & after 30 Months renewal price would be 5500 + GST for each year.

C. Activation & Managing Licenses

Ans. IIACAD licenses can be used both in Online/Offline Mode. Incase of Online activation, the machine needs to be connected to the internet (the license will be checked periodically once in 30 days) and incase of Offline activation, the machine need not be connected with the Internet.(We need an active internet connection on a different machine to activate an Offline license only during the time of the offline activation).

Ans. The user can simply log out from one machine from IIACAD and use the same credentials and login into IIACAD on a different machine to switch machines.

Ans: Yes. Users can be added/removed in the Organization by an Admin/Co-Admin using the Graebert Customer Portal.

Ans: End User whose license of IIACAD Software was activated on 30 Sep 2020, purchases Subscription renewal only on 1 Nov 2021, the validity period of such Subscription shall be from 30 Sep 2021 to 29 Sep 2022 and not from 1 Nov 2021 to 31 Oct 2022.

Ans: End User (a) whose license was activated on 1 Jan 2021 did not purchase and activate any Subscription renewal, but requires services under IIACAD Software Subscription in February 2023 or (b) requires services under IIACAD Software Subscription in February 2025, but had activated the last Subscription renewal on 1 Jan 2022; shall not be eligible to purchase Subscription renewal but instead shall have to purchase an Upgrade.

Ans: The default method to activate a permission key is to assign a permission key to a Graebert Account (using Email ID) and to use the Graebert Account credentials as a login inside IIACAD. Assigning this permission key can be done from the software IIACAD or online on the Graebert Customer Portal. When the user will login in IIACAD the system will need Internet to check the validity of the license on the Graebert servers. After log in the user no longer needs Internet and can work offline for up to 30 days. IIACAD only needs access to the Internet at least once in every 30 days to check the status of the license.

Ans: If the user cannot have Internet access on the computer at least once every 30 days he may decide instead to do an Offline Activation. Offline activation doesn’t require any Internet access on the computer that will be activated. Instead an activation code will be generated by IIACAD on the computer that will be activated and this code has to be entered in the Graebert customer portal to activate the permission key. The offline activation implies that the license will be locked definitely on a single computer but the consequence is also that the user will not be able to log out and easily switch the license from one computer to another. It is therefore recommended to use always the online activation unless the license will be used on a computer that has no access to the Internet (not even once every 30 days). Each license activation requires an individual Email ID. Offline license also requires only the HOSTID of the machine and not the MAC ID/IP Address of the machine.

Ans: Network License of IIACAD requires to install a license server (NLM) on one computer or one server to which all the Flex license users (clients) need to be connected. A minimum of 3 floating licenses is required for a Flex license (no network license of 1 or 2 floating licenses). When a Flex license user is launching IIACAD, the program will check with the license server if any license is available. We require 1 Email Id for activating the network permission key. The NLM license file will be generated based on the Ethernet ID of the server/any computer on the same network.

Ans: Company Admins can also use the Admin space of the Customer Portal to invite, centralize and manage the licenses of their organization. They may for example remove the license for one user and assign it to another user, unless the license was activated for offline use and therefore bound to a specific computer. ADMIN of the Organization will have all the rights to add/remove users from the Organization and the users will need to consult the Admin of an Organization for further information. Individual users of an Organization will have no possibilities of managing a license of IIACAD.

Ans: Please write a mail to support@iiacad.com and the details will be shared accordingly.

Ans: The Perpetual license is a time-unlimited license for one user for the version of IIACAD purchased by the customer. It includes a 12 months subscription to receive upgrades for IIACAD + Email support. When this first subscription expires, it can be extended with successive Subscription renewals. If the subscription expires and it is not renewed, the user would lose the rights included in the subscription but can keep using the license of IIACAD. The Subscription Renewal and Upgrade shall be priced at 25% and 50% respectively of the then applicable License Fee. Refer clauses C5 & C6 of FAQ explaining the dates applicable.

D. Support & Queries

Ans: Execution Agency will organise two webinars in a month, where users can attend the same. Telecalling Support & Online Training will be done by the Execution Agency for customers.

Ans: Incase of Offline license activation of IIACAD, the license activation requires only the HOSTID of the machine and not the MAC ID or the IP Address of the machine. For Flex license activation we require Ethernet Id of the server/any computer on the same network.

Ans: Although the current version of IIACAD 2020 can be installed on Windows 7 SP1 x64 OS (which is not advisable) as there will be no technical support from both OEM/Microsoft for the same. The future versions of IIACAD will not support Windows 7 x64 SP1 OS or cannot be installed on the same as well.

E. General Queries

Ans: Yes. IIACAD comes as a perpetual license with 1-year free maintenance.

Ans. No. IIACAD works only on Desktop/Laptop.

Ans. Yes. IIACAD supports both Windows x64 Bit (8.1 & 10) and MAC OS (10.13,10.14 & 10.15). Each user can have IIACAD installed on both Windows and on a MAC machine but can use only one machine at a time.

Ans: The EULA Agreement shows in the software upon installation and IIACAD comes with 25 Digit Alpha-Numeric License Key along with Invoice. IIA Members can directly visit Graebert Customer Portal to know their License Details after signing up in the portal.

Ans: A single IIACAD license is permitted to be used only on one individual machine and the same user cannot login into multiple machines simultaneously with the same user credentials. Although IIACAD can be installed on multiple machines, the user has to logout from one machine and login into another machine to use their license.

Ans: IIACAD software is meant for IIA Members (must have valid IIA Membership ID), IIA Affiliated Colleges, IIA Affiliated College Students & sold in India only. IIACAD software License will be activated with their email ID or bound with their Desktops/Laptops. IIACAD Licenses can be used/travel along with the person if he owns a laptop. Once the licenses are bought by above facilitations, the users are free to use IIACAD license across the globe.

Ans: Standalone license is a perpetual license for one (1) unique same End User. Flex license (also known as “Network license”) is a perpetual floating license shared among an unlimited number of concurrent Users connected to a same License server on the same Local Network. A minimum of 3 floating licenses is required on the same network.

Ans: Colleges and Students will only be offered Annual Plans that are unique term licenses for twelve (12) months of use of IIACAD Software. Educational licenses are for educational purposes only and should not be used in any way for commercial use.

Ans: Refer to clause E4 of FAQ. The drawings saved on a MAC Desktop/Laptop will be saved to that respective device and the drawing files should be manually updated from MAC Desktop to Laptop or vice-versa. IIACAD cannot be installed on IPAD Pro.

F. IIACAD Features and Functions

  • Save in DWG 2018 format
  • Drawing Compare
  • Data Extraction
  • Grip Editing of Hatches and Gradients
  • Associative Patterns
  • Lasso Selection
  • PCX Print Configuration Files (Windows Only)
  • Work Faster in 3D
  • Customize Your Workspaces (Windows Only)
  • PDF Import
  • Power Trim
  • Mouse Gesture
  • Smart Dimension
  • Heads up Display
  • VoiceNote
  • BIM Navigator
  • Read BIM Properties
  • BIM Data Extraction